Jeff Butler Full Draw Hunts Co.Jeff Butler- Owner

As the owner of FDH, my goal is to provide every client with a memorable Western Illinois whitetail hunting experience. This means keeping our camp small, personal and always quality driven. With 11 years of guiding experience, I look back at all the memories made and great bucks harvested over the years and it really puts everything into perspective as to what this business is really all about. It’s about providing every hunter an equal opportunity and an honest chance to harvest a mature whitetail. FDH is my full time job, not just something I do on the side.


Briana Butler- Camp Chef

Full Draw Hunt Company is extremely fortunate to have Bri as part of the team. Since 2012, Bri has played a huge role at FDH when it comes to ensuring all hunters are well fed and have everything they need while in camp and around the lodge. Hunting season is definitely a team effort and having someone who takes care of all of the little things so we can focus on the whitetail side is key. I couldn’t be more proud of my wife and all of her contributions to FDH over the years. It definitely wouldn’t be what it is today without her hard work and dedication to all of our clients.


Rodney Cook Full Draw Hunts Co.Rodney Cook- Head Guide

Rodney Cook has spent his entire life in Adams county and has been a guide for 20+ years leading to countless client harvest’s and success stories. To call him an asset would be a huge understatement as he is a very well respected member of the FDH staff. His drive, motivation and passion for helping hunters reach their goals are what sets him apart. I’d like to personally thank Rodney for all of his help and dedication to FDH. Without him none of this would be possible.